There are several walk-in tub manufacturers – each offering a wide range of walk-in tub models. So how do you choose best walk-in bath for your specific situation? Here’s some advice.

Questions to Consider When Considering Walk-In Tubs

You’ll find many articles proclaiming what manufacturer makes the best walk-in tubs. Instead of giving the pros and cons of each company’s products, let us discuss what questions you need to ask when selecting a walk-in tub for your lifestyle and budget. 

Why do you want a walk-in tub?

As you begin your search, prioritize the reasons for your purchase. This will help you pick out the best model for your situation.

For example, you may want to install a walk-in tub so you can age in place and be independent for as long as possible. 

Others choose a walk-in tub because it is a safe way to enjoy the luxury of a good soak – since most soaker tubs require you to step in over the side. 

A doctor may have recommended a bathtub to relieve stress or help with blood sugar levels, arthritis, and cardiovascular health. Still, others may be looking for bariatric walk-in tubs. Please talk with your doctor before adding hot baths to your daily routine. 

Depending on your reason, a shower and bath installation company will recommend the right tub for you: a traditional tub, a soaker tub with whirlpool jets, or a walk-in whirlpool tub. 

walk in tub models

What kind of safety features do you need for your walk-in bathtub?

Are walk-in tubs safe? Many walk-in tubs are designed with built-in grab bars, nonslip surfaces, and other safety features

While all walk-in tubs are designed for people with mobility issues, there are specific models designed for bariatric use and for people who use wheelchairs. If you must have a wheelchair-accessible tub, ensure you are looking for a suitable model.

Can your home accommodate a walk-in tub?

Most walk-in tub companies design their products to replace a standard tub that has a footprint of 30 x 60 inches. Walk-in tubs are usually between 20 and 45 inches tall. However, larger sizes are available, which may require you to consider the width of all the doors from the entrance into your home to your bathroom.

Also, since walk-in tubs come with an outward swinging door, you might need to consider your bathroom footprint to see if there is enough space for a walker or wheelchair while the door is open. 

Also, since most walk-in tubs hold between 50 and 80 gallons of water, having at least a 50-gallon water heater in your home would be best.

Questions to Ask the Shower and Bath Company About the Best Walk In Tub Models

Once you have determined your reasons for wanting a walk-in tub and know which safety features are essential, here are some questions to ask your bathroom remodeling company about your purchase. 

  • What walk-in tub brands do you offer? What is the best walk-in tub for my situation?
  • Does this tub come with a lifetime warranty? What does the warranty cover? (tub door, door seal, air and water jets, tub shell, etc.) 
  • How much do walk-in tubs cost that would suit my needs?
  • What walk-in tub features are available? (heated seats, chromotherapy, Bluetooth speaker, etc.)
  • Who completes the walk-in tub installation process? Is there a warranty on the work they perform?

To find the answer to these and other questions regarding how to choose the best walk-in bath tub models, schedule an in-home consultation with Woodbridge Shower & Bath. Our team will help you find the a walk-in bathtub that is right for you. 

Since Woodbridge Shower & Bath specializes in quick bathroom remodeling projects, you may be luxuriating in relaxing hot water with powerful air jets in as little as one or two days. 

Key Takeaways About the Best Walk-In Bathtubs

  • Consider why you want a walk-in tub. For example, do you want a soaking tub deeper than a standard bathtub? Do you need a grab bar and other safety features when entering and exiting a tub? You may require a tub seat because you can no longer stand while showering. Perhaps your doctor recommended hydrotherapy whirlpool jets to help you with your arthritis or cardiovascular health.
  • Think about what safety features you need when starting your search in the walk-in tub market.
  • Have an in-home consultation to determine if your home is ready for a walk-in tub. (Is your water heater large enough? Will a large tub fit through your doors?)
  • Make a list of questions to ask the walk-in tub company.