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How to Create a Bathroom Layout: Planning Guide

We’ve all seen photos of crazy bathroom floor plans – where the toilet can only be accessed by climbing stairs, or the door is obstructed with an oversized sink. While it’s easy to make fun

Walk-In Shower Curtains: How and When to Use Them

Walk-in showers offer more accessibility for people with mobility issues, are easier to clean because there are fewer curves and crevices, and can be sized to fit your bathroom. You may already be sold on the

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

The terms “small bathroom remodel” and “budget bathroom remodel” don’t always go together. If you have recently been shopping around for a remodeling contractor, you’ll see that remodeling even a small bathroom is expensive. How can you save money on

The Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Ask anyone about their home’s new stand-alone luxury bathtub, and they will say they never use it. However, if you ask someone who recently remodeled their bathroom about the benefits of a walk-in shower, they may gush over their easy-to-clean

How to Remodel a Bathroom the Right Way

We all know someone who has a nightmare kitchen or bathroom renovation story. Unfortunately, the origin of many of these stories is that the homeowners tried to save money by doing the project themselves. Or they hired their brother-in-law for

Choosing a Great Bathtub: What You Need to Know

A bathroom renovation expert will teach you everything you need to know about how to buy a great bathtub for your space. However, sometimes it’s nice to have ideas before the designer arrives for your in-home consultation. Here’s some helpful

The Bathroom Remodeling Process From Start to Finish

Bathroom makeover shows on TV make the bathroom remodeling process look easy. For example, you’ll never see anyone struggling to install floor tile – by ending with whole tiles on one side of the room and tile slivers along the