We know some of you searched for the term “bathroom renovation checklist” with fear in your gut. You may have been through a never-ending remodeling project in the past that made you gun-shy to complete additional improvements to your home.

We know this may sound surprising, but bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be painful – especially if you narrow your focus to updating your bathtub or shower. After all, these are the essential parts of a bathroom floor plan. The rest of the details are just icing on the cake.

Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Instead of giving you a typical bathroom remodel checklist that encourages you to set a budget, select a design style, and source your materials and permits, this checklist will give you ideas on what type of remodeling project is right for you.

Step 1: Determine your bathroom remodeling goal.

What inspired you to think about this renovation project?

It might be time to revamp the walk-in shower in your master bathroom if your current one is outdated or gross. If you know that you will put your home on the market before too long, an updated shower can significantly improve your resale value (and offers a great return on investment!) In addition, updated bathrooms are great selling points for homebuyers!

Perhaps you dream of being about to luxuriate in a stylish new tub. Bathing culture is hot right now! If that’s the case, go ahead and splurge on that high-end bath oil you saw on your Instagram feed. You’ll be able to use it before too long!

Some homeowners dream of getting rid of unused tubs and replacing them with larger showers. A tub-to-shower conversion is a perfect idea for someone trying to get the most out of a smaller space.

Are you interested in renovating because you plan to age in place? Then you might be ready to research walk-in tubsWhile you’re at it, ask how to make your bathroom space usable for someone with limited mobility. Consider installing grab bars, non-slip tile, and radiant heated floors (for fun!)

Step 2: Meet with your contractor.

Once you have determined your remodeling goal, we strongly encourage you to sit down with a professional to discuss options, costs, and logistics.

A person with industry experience will be able to help you choose fixtures that are highly rated and come with a great warranty. If you have owned your house for long, you know how important it is to select quality plumbing fixtures.

A professional remodeler will also consider the logistics. For example, they can determine if a wall needs to be added or removed or if the doors are wide enough for your new tub. In addition, your contractor will help you plan for a bathroom remodeling project with details that tend to be overlooked by amateurs. For example, have you considered exhaust fan installation, storage concerns, and whether the windows need to be replaced?

Step 3: Schedule the installation of your new bathroom fixtures.

Once you have signed off on the project’s cost, you’ll work with your contractor to schedule the work. Naturally, the length of a bathroom remodel job will vary depending on the scope of the project. However, you might be delightfully surprised to learn that a tub or shower install may only require a few days.

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