What is keeping you from having the dream bathroom that you have always wanted?

If you are like most people, you are putting off a bathroom remodel because of cost (including product and labor costs), the inconvenience of not accessing that space while the project is completed, and the pain of finding certified installers to give you a free quote.

While all of these concerns are valid, we at Woodbridge Shower and Bath have listened to our customers and have created a one day bath remodel that will enable you to finally have the bathroom of your dreams.

What is a One Day Bathroom Remodel?

Woodbridge Shower and Bath employ talented interior designers, experienced plumbers, certified electricians, and factory-trained installers. Our team works seamlessly together and can complete a bathroom remodel in one or two days.

We have successfully completed tub to shower conversions, shower replacement, the installation of a new tub or new shower, and many more similar types of projects in one day. Whether the work needs to be completed in the master bathroom or another small bathroom in the house, we promise to be out of your hair after one or two full days of work.

Does it seem too good to be true? We would be happy to connect you with some of our previous customers who can tell you stories of fast installation and a quality finished product.

What are the Benefits of One-Day Bath Remodeling Services?

A one day bathroom remodel benefits homeowners in the following ways:

One day bathroom remodels are great for homeowners who desperately need to fix their deteriorated bathing space.

Is your existing tub leaking through the floor? Are you concerned that there might be mold within your walls? Has the space gotten so bad that you have to find an alternative place to shower?

If you find yourself desperate for a one day shower remodel because of leaks, mold, or structural concerns, call Woodbridge Shower and Bath. Don’t live with a non-functioning bathroom for one more day. We have low-cost alternatives for such situations.

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A one day bath remodel is perfect for homeowners who need to get their bathroom up to muster for a quick house sale.

The real estate market has been booming lately, and homes don’t stay available for long. If you need to complete a bath remodel fast so you can sell your existing home and buy another, reach out to Woodbridge Shower and Bath.

Ask any real estate agent–new kitchens and bathrooms are essential to home buyers. We can install a one day tub or shower so you can get top-dollar on your sale.

A one day bath remodel is perfect for families who own small homes.

If your family home has one bathtub, you can’t start a bathroom remodeling project that lasts for weeks. So unless you want to spend money on a hotel, a one day remodel might be your only option.

And just because we complete the project fast doesn’t mean that the remodeling cost will be high. Instead, you’ll be impressed with the excellent job that our team can complete while staying within your budget.

Your 1 day bathroom remodeling project will feature quality products.

Please understand that you don’t have to sacrifice style when you opt for a one day bath remodel. Many of our shower systems are easy to install while at the same time can emulate intricate tile work.

We have many custom design options for your tub or shower. Your bathroom will have a custom look with low maintenance. And yes, we can install water jets in your shower that are practically strong enough to remove paint. You’ll love your new bathroom.

A recent health-related event may cause you to need a one day bathroom remodel.

While we hope this is not the case for you, some of our clients reach out to us after an injury or illness keeps them from accessing their current tub or shower. In addition, adult children of aging parents sometimes call us after their parent falls and finally admits they need a tub to shower conversion.

We have completed many bathroom remodeling projects in the homes of people who wish to age in place. We can even make small bathrooms more accessible by redesigning the space.

One day bathroom remodels are great for impatient people.

Perhaps you know that an extended remodeling project would drive you crazy. If you need to find a company to complete the job fast because you can’t stand the noise that comes with a construction project in your home, you need to find a remodeling company that can promise a one-day turnaround time on your project.

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A one day remodel is an excellent option for DIYers who are over their heads.

At the beginning of your DIY bathroom remodeling project, you probably envisioned the beautiful space you would create with your own two hands. However, some homeowners call us because they have realized they have bitten off more than they can chew and need to hire a company to complete the installation job.

Woodbridge Shower and Bath have saved many relationships when one party is frustrated by how long a remodeling project is taking. We can replace showers and tubs in one day.

Stay current with design trends by updating your bathroom style in one day.

Are you the type of person that every time you enter a room, you start designing it in your mind? If you wish to add or remove walls, we may need more than a day to complete your custom project.

On the other hand, if you want a more modern bathtub or new shower areas like you have seen on HGTV, we might complete the installation process in one day.

One Day Bathroom Remodel in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Woodbridge Shower and Bath can complete a 1 day bathroom remodel on your Dallas/Fort Worth house. We are a family-owned and operated company and have high ratings with the Better Business Bureau. We can complete a low-cost bathroom remodel in one or two days, using only the best showers and bathtub fixtures available.

Please take a look at our customer reviews. We are proud of the quality work we have completed throughout Texas.

When you are ready to replace your ugly bathtub or need to revamp the showers in your secondary bathrooms, Woodbridge Shower and Bath is the company you should call. Reach out to us to schedule a design consultation and free estimate.

We can’t wait to give you the bathroom you deserve!

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