Bathing culture has spawned thousands of products claiming to give bathers the most relaxing bath they have ever experienced. You may have shelled out more money than you would like to admit for high-end bath bombs and luxury bath products that promise to give you soft skin, soothe sore muscles, and put you in a sleepy mood to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Are you looking forward to your hot bath? Grab these items!

While we certainly have no intention of downplaying the importance of self-care, we would like to remind you that you can experience a relaxing bath without buying bath oils that cost $18 an ounce. Instead, here are some things you might have on hand (or items you can buy at your grocery store) that will make your bath time experience good for your body and soul.

Essential Oils Instead of High-Priced Bath Oils

Keep reading before you put a few drops of essential oil in your evening bath. Not all essential oils are appropriate. For example, avoid cinnamon, clove, oregano, savory, spearmint, thyme, and wintergreen in the bath. Instead, opt for lavender, chamomile, and rose.

Also, you’ll have a better experience if you combine your rose oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. Otherwise, your essential oils will sit on top of the water.

Epsom Salts Instead of a High-Priced Bath Bomb

The key ingredient for all bath salts and bombs is Epsom salt. Soaking in Epsom salt is said to reduce the pain and swelling from arthritis, help with bruises and sprains, improve sleep, and ease tired, swollen feet. Add one to two cups to your bath water (very warm – but not hot water). Then, enjoy your relaxing soak for at least twelve minutes to receive all the benefits from this natural product.

What About Your Tub?

You are ready for a night of relaxation. You have a glass of wine (or cup of herbal tea), your favorite bubble bath, and a hydrating face mask. You light candles, play calming music, and make sure you have a clean towel at your fingertips. The bath temperature is perfect.

But as you soak in your tub, you may struggle to relax. Then it hits you – baths are more relaxing when you can enjoy beautiful surroundings. Are you looking for the perfect bath experience? Let Woodbridge Shower and Bath help.

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