Interviewing and selecting bathroom contractors for a remodeling job can be nerve-wracking. After all, you want an affordable contractor but also one that produces quality workmanship. So how can you determine which bathroom remodeling contractor can be trusted in your home?

Here are some tips on selecting a contractor for your walk-in shower project.

What to Look for From a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Before you schedule a free design consultation with a bathroom contractor, ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations and advice. You might discover that several different people recommend the same bathroom contractor. This is a good sign! But continue your research by visiting the business website, looking at online reviews, and making sure the company is licensed and offers a current certificate of insurance.

Once you have narrowed down a list of businesses with solid reputations (and a list of companies to avoid), arrange for your on-site consultations.

Expert Tip: If you are searching for a contractor to update your walk-in shower instead of performing a complete remodel, speak with a company that focuses on shower and bath replacement. However, avoid those companies that say they can complete the process without tearing out the old fixtures.

Quality bathroom remodeling contractors will show examples of previous work.

Looking at the samples of previous work will tell you several things. First, you can determine if the contractor has plenty of experience with walk-in shower renovations. If their “book” only features tub or toilet installs – or worse – garden makeovers – you know you are talking with the wrong company.

Also, pay attention to the style of the work. Some say they will follow the homeowner’s design ideas and preferences, but all their walk-in shower projects look the same. Other companies may only complete big-budget renovations.

Also, don’t forget to ask for the contact information of several previous clients. Then, follow up by interviewing those homeowners about their experience working with the company.

Ask about materials and product warranties.

Once you have chosen the design for your shower, it’s time to select the walk-in shower materials. If you have spent time in a home improvement store, you know there is a significant difference in quality between high and low-end products. This is especially true when selecting bathroom fixtures.

You won’t be able to compare quotes if you don’t know what specific plumbing fixtures and materials will be used for the project.

Ask for an in-depth estimate in writing.

Once you have selected the design for your bathroom remodel, ask for an in-depth estimate in writing. Well-written estimates are necessary if you need to take legal action. The contract should include the costs of specific materials and installation. (Also, ensure the cost of demolition and waste removal is included.)

Discuss payment options.

Some bathroom renovation companies offer financing options. You might ask if there is a discount if you already have the money for the project.

Schedule your project.

Your bathroom remodel is almost a reality! Before the contractor arrives, ask what you can expect from the process.

Looking for Walk-In Shower Contractors?

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