There’s a lot to consider when remodeling a bathroom to create a walk-in shower. Here are some common questions you might have about this popular project, including how to choose the best shower wall materials for the project.

What should I look for in a walk-in shower?

Before you rip out your old structure in a fit of DIY madness, make sure a doorless walk-in shower is a viable option for your situation. In fact, you might consider reaching out to bathroom remodeling experts to see if you have the necessary floor space to complete the project.

If your master bathroom is too small for a doorless option, a professional can give you other ideas on creating a seamless transition between the floor and the shower. After all, a glass-enclosed shower with a built-in bench may be an excellent option for a small bathroom. Also, you could use your small shower with a glass shower door to create a mini steam room.

What type of material is best for a shower base?

As you consider the materials for your walk-in shower, let’s discuss your options for the shower floor or base.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be slippery, making them a poor choice for homeowners who wish to age in place. The grout lines can also be a nightmare to keep clean, and it is not easy to install floor tiles. 

However, tile is an attractive option. And, of course, ceramic tile is always on the list of the most durable materials to use in wet environments.

Molded Stone Shower Bases for Stone Walk-In Shower

Homeowners wishing for a trendy bathroom often consider a stone walk-in shower. A molded stone shower pan is typically made of natural stones and synthetic plastic, which is a durable and attractive option. Another benefit to a molded stone shower base is there’s no grout to clean. However, this is not the least expensive option, even though it is visually appealing.

Acrylic Shower Pans

An acrylic shower pan comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This non-grout option is easy to clean and relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. However, you won’t have the pop of a beautiful shower floor made of stone or tile. And since there is no shower curtain or glass doors to hide behind, the shower enclosure you choose is important.

Fiberglass Shower Pans

Fiberglass shower floors are inexpensive, but they tend to stain quickly.

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What is the easiest shower surface to keep clean?

As you consider the shower wall materials, think about the easiest shower wall options to keep clean and free of mildew growth.

Ceramic tiles (and porcelain tile)

Ceramic and porcelain tile is resistant to staining. However, the grout may be challenging to keep clean.

Stone Tiles

Because natural stone is more porous than ceramic or porcelain tiles, it absorbs water, soap, minerals in the water, and grime more readily. You’ll need to reseal your stone tile regularly to keep it clean.

It is worth mentioning that white marble, although attractive, is prone to staining.

Acrylic Walk In Showers

Acrylic shower walls don’t have the pizazz of tile or natural stone, but it is relatively easy to keep clean. In addition, it is not prone to scratching and includes an attractive gloss.

Fiberglass Shower Walls

Compared with acrylic walls, fiberglass shower wall panels are more likely to become scratched or faded –making them harder to keep clean. However, fiberglass walls are inexpensive compared with other choices.

Can you use stone in a shower?

Yes! A stone walk-in shower is one of the most attractive shower surfaces. Although you need to reseal it to keep it free of soap scum, it is an attractive option for shower wall material.

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Although some would consider shower installation as a DIY project, it is an absolute necessity that your walk-in shower project is installed correctly. Otherwise, your walk in shower cost can be through the roof if it leaks through the floor and walls.

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