Has your obsession with trying new personal care products created a storage space problem in your bathroom? Here are some bathroom organization ideas, so you can store those exciting new makeup brushes, your stash of organic lavender face wash, and those countless hair products you have purchased in an effort to tame your unruly locks.

Bathroom Organization Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

We aren’t even going to suggest that you pair down your hair tools and bath bombs to make your bathroom tidier. We know you want to keep all your stuff – even if your partner is dismayed by your vast assortment of bubble bath and your obsession with finding the perfect mascara.

So, here’s how to find extra storage space in your small to mid-sized bathroom.

Let’s start with the most essential item – toilet paper.

If we learned anything from the recent pandemic, it’s that Americans are terrified of running out of toilet paper. Unfortunately, storing extra toilet paper can be problematic as it takes up a lot of space. We suggest facing this problem head-on by installing a cabinet with a door above the toilet designed to store toilet paper rolls. In addition, consider purchasing a floor toilet paper holder that keeps a couple of extra rolls within arm’s reach.

Next, find adequate storage space for your towels.

Bath towels are other bulky items to store. Like toilet paper, towels need to be held in an accessible place –adjacent to the shower. So, hang towels on hooks instead of towel bars for everyday use. You may be tempted to roll and display your extra towels to give them a spa-like appearance. However, if these towels are intended for infrequent guests, this might not be the most sanitary practice. Instead, use the linen closet or bathroom cabinet with a door to store towels and get them out when needed.

storage space

Use caddies for storing cleaning supplies under your bathroom sink.

Take a look at the bathroom cabinets under your sink. Under the sink storage is the perfect space to store cleaning supplies or items you want out of sight. Consider using a shower caddy for your cleaning products to carry the needed items to each of your bathrooms on cleaning day. (Sorry, if you have a pedestal sink, you are out of luck.)

Utilize vertical space for storage.

Instead of looking for more floor space for small bathroom storage, look up. Maximize vertical space in your bathroom by installing floating shelves to hold your personal care products. Most of these products come in attractive containers, so you may feel comfortable utilizing some of your valuable wall space for this type of storage. To store more mundane items such as extra toiletries, use decorative plastic baskets or a small labeled shelving unit for extra storage. And, of course, use floating shelves to store glass jars of cotton balls and that bathroom decor you can’t resist.

Install a medicine cabinet.

Unfortunately, some modern bathrooms do not come equipped with a medicine cabinet. However, this small space storage would undoubtedly come in handy for your tiny items – so it might be time to visit your home improvement store to purchase one.

Do You Need Help Modernizing Your Bathroom?

Have you ever considered how much storage space you would have if you replaced your old-fashioned bathtub with a smaller walk-in shower? Larger bathroom walls will enable you to purchase more cabinetry for additional storage. Plus, you will enjoy a safer, easier-to-clean shower perfect for tiny bathrooms.

Think out of the box if you need more storage space in your small bathroom. Consider how a bathtub-to-walk-in shower conversion can help. Schedule a consultation with one of Woodbridge Shower & Bath’s designers today. Woodbridge Shower & Bath serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Bathroom Organization Ideas Key Takeaways

  • Bathroom items such as toilet paper and towels should be stored in accessible locations.
  • Use under-the-counter storage for unattractive items like cleaning products.
  • Look up if you are looking for more storage in your tiny bathroom.
  • Install a medicine cabinet in your bathroom if you don’t have one.
  • Replacing your bulky tub with a walk-in shower will give you more space in your small bathroom.

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