Having a large bathroom is a huge plus. But figuring out how to best utilize the spaces can be a challenge. The key is finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. Larger bathrooms are nice because they give you plenty of room to be creative. It just takes a little creativity to maximize the space without compromising functionality. Here are a few tips to help you best utilize the available space in a large bathroom.

Tip 1: Make Use of a Shower Organizer

walk in shower organizer

Whether you have a walk-in shower or a tub to shower conversion, there are ways to organize the space so clutter doesn’t get out of control. You may want to install a shower rack or use a hanging rack to organize hair care products, soaps, and bath sponges. If you like to keep these items out of sight, add a decorative stand-alone cabinet just outside the shower. This is especially useful if several family members have access to the shower.

Tip 2: Provide Adequate Lighting

large bathroom ideas

Create well-lighted areas in your bathroom. Ceiling lamps are useful for highlighting specific areas. Place lights near shelves, the bathtub, by the shower, over the toilet, and any other areas. A bathroom chandelier is a nice touch if you want to add a luxurious feel. You want to include plenty of overhead lighting and bathroom lighting for smaller tasks like putting on makeup. Flexible lighting is a good option and can make your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa. Bathrooms need a brighter light for better visibility. Bright, white lights also make the area feel brighter and cleaner.

Tip 3: Choose Decorative Materials

large bathroom decor ideas

There are a lot of choices when it comes to decorating bathrooms. There are glass, tiles, and stone elements to choose from. If you use a combination, just be sure they are aesthetically complimentary of one another. They should visually blend together without making the bathroom feel crowded. Placing tiles behind the vanity and bathtub areas can brighten up the room, provide a decorative touch, and give it a comfortable feel. Check out all your options.

Tip 4: Strategically Use Bathroom Rugs

huge bath

Decorative rugs can help break up the floor space in a large bathroom. Smaller rugs work well in front of a bathroom vanity, and larger rugs are ideal for the center of the room. Rugs add a decorative element but can also provide an extra measure of safety. Use rugs with non-skid backing in front of walk-in tubs, or shower areas. They protect freshly washed feet from cold floors and help prevent falls.

Tip 5: Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

large bathroom design

The color you choose for your bathroom depends on your personal taste and preferences. In most bathrooms, you’ll find neutral colors like gray, white, or tan. These neutral colors are paired with brighter and bolder colors like blue, red, or yellow. Remember that darker colors make the area shrink visually, and lighter colors make it larger. Use darker colors on walls or areas you want to be less noticeable and lighter colors on areas you want to be accented. 

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