As you research types of showers for your bathroom remodeling project, you’ll encounter bathroom shower design ideas that are amazing to look at – but not practical for your space. 

Here are some ideas for bathroom showers that are beautiful, affordable, and practical – and new shower options that won’t require a complete overhaul of your bathroom.

Shower Enclosures 

Are you just getting started dreaming about your new custom shower? Most of the time, homeowners begin their search by looking for a shower enclosure that fits in a specific spot. After all, moving the plumbing in a bathroom is complicated and expensive. 

However, even if you keep your plumbing in the exact location – there are still plenty of design options that will enable you to update and change the shape or size of your shower. 

Bathtub shower combinations

Much can still be said about the classic bathtub shower combo. After all, most homeowners want to have access to both a bathtub and shower – even if they use the shower most for bathing.

However, tub shower combos have come a long way since the 1960s, when the first electric shower was introduced. (Electric showers are still used! They connect directly to the cold water supply and heat this water instantly on demand.) 

Current tub shower wall combo models are seamless and easy to clean. And the shower walls come with a wide range of storage options.

Shower enclosure

Even the smallest of bathrooms can handle the installation of a shower enclosure. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from a rectangular shower stall to a corner enclosure shower. In addition, you can select a curved enclosure or neo-angle enclosure shower, which is a compromise between a corner and a curved enclosure. 

Whether you complete the enclosure with a bathroom shower door or a shower curtain depends on your budget or preference. 

Talk with your bathroom remodeling expert about the prefabricated shower design options that best suit your space.

bathroom shower design ideas

Tub to shower conversions

There are drawbacks to bathtub shower combos, with one of the main ones being that the user must step over the side of the bathtub and stand on the slippery bathtub floor to use the shower head.

Some people add a corner shower or other type of shower enclosure to the bathroom to eliminate this problem. Others remove the old bathtub and complete a tub shower conversion.

Walk-in tubs with shower attachment

For an even more comfortable and accessible bathing experience, some owners install a walk-in tub with a showerhead attachment. A walk-in tub offers the best of both worlds because bathers can enjoy relaxing therapeutic body jets while at the same time having access to a handheld shower head for shampooing and rinsing off the body after bathing.

Shower heads, faucets, and other options

Shower heads and faucets have progressed over the years. You have many options, from the manual mixer shower that has been around for a long time (they mix hot and cold water inside the unit) to a waterfall shower or rain shower. (Check out the body shower or shower towers, which have multiple shower heads on the shower walls – enabling you to target specific areas on the body.)

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Key Takeaways About Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

  • Bathtub shower combos continue to be popular options for homeowners – although some opt for a stand-alone bathtub and separate shower enclosure.
  • Completing a tub to shower conversion will make your shower more accessible for those with mobility issues.
  • Walk-in tubs are great solutions for those who would benefit from soaking in a tub but would have difficulty accessing a traditional bathtub.
  • There are a variety of shower head options – some allowing you to target specific areas of the body.