Walk-in showers offer more accessibility for people with mobility issues, are easier to clean because there are fewer curves and crevices, and can be sized to fit your bathroom. You may already be sold on the idea of a walk-in shower, but have you considered the benefits of using walk-in shower curtains instead of a shower door? Here’s how and when to use walk-in shower curtains.

How to Use Curtains for Walk-In Showers

We love this tongue-in-cheek piece that appeared in The New Yorker about how to use shower curtains because it highlights some of the discomforts of using this everyday bathroom accessory. Of course, we assume you know how to use a shower curtain, but here are a few tips.

Many people use a two-layer system. The shower curtain liner, which should be mildew-resistant, should be used for the inner layer of the shower stall. 

Shower liners are often weighted or have magnets on the bottom to keep the curtain in place while showering. Ensure it has rust-proof metal grommets and is long enough to reach the shower floor. The best shower curtain is one that keeps water contained inside the shower area. 

The outer shower curtain can be vinyl, but many select polyester curtains in unique patterns and colors. The outer curtain has two main functions – to decorate and provide another barrier to protect the bathroom floor from water splashes. 


A woman smiles as she peeks out of a shower stall wearing a shower cap.

When to Use Walk-In Shower Curtains

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Here are some reasons to consider a shower curtain instead of a shower door

Choose a shower curtain instead of a door to save money. 

Even the best shower curtains are more affordable than shower doors. So, shower curtains are an excellent option if you are shopping on a budget – (and who isn’t?).

Another benefit of shower liners is that you can replace them cheaply and easily. And you can wash fabric shower curtains by throwing them in your washing machine. 

Choose a shower curtain instead of a door if privacy is a concern.

If you have a shower door, you may not be comfortable letting others into the bathroom while you are showering. Even if the door has a privacy film, those standing outside the shower may still see the outline of your body.

Shower curtains – especially those that include a liner and are made of durable material – are private. So, if you only have one bathroom or privacy is a worry, consider a curtain instead of a door.

Pick a shower curtain instead of a door if you want more space inside the shower cavity. 

Curved shower rods can give users more space inside the shower cavity. Purchase this type of rod if you hate the feel of bumping up next to a vinyl curtain while showering. 

Select a bright-colored shower curtain to add a splash of color to your bathroom.

Bathrooms tend to have a monochromatic color scheme. However, a bright-colored extra-long shower curtain will give a splash of color. When it is time to recreate your bathroom, you can shop for new accessories, shower curtains, and towels to completely change the room’s look. 

Talk With a Bathroom Remodeling Expert to Learn More About Types of Walk-In Showers

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Key Takeaways About Walk-In Shower Curtains

  • Walk-in shower curtains are affordable and can be easily and quickly replaced.
  • They are a great option when privacy is a concern.
  • Curved shower rods can give you more space inside the shower cavity.
  • You can select a shower curtain to match your bathroom color theme.