Ask anyone about their home’s new stand-alone luxury bathtub, and they will say they never use it. However, if you ask someone who recently remodeled their bathroom about the benefits of a walk-in shower, they may gush over their easy-to-clean shower door and surfaces and how much more room they now have in their bathroom.

Here are other benefits of having a new walk-in shower professionally installed in your home.

Benefits of A Walk In Shower

Here’s why more people are replacing traditional bathtubs with walk-in shower enclosures.

Walk-In Showers Are Easier To Clean and Maintain

Newly formulated shower surfaces have been developed to prevent mold and mildew growth and the formation of soap scum. If you are replacing an old traditional shower enclosure with one of these new surfaces, you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep the surfaces clean.

sliding glass shower door

And while you’re replacing your old fixtures with a custom walk-in shower, throw away that old mildewed shower curtain and replace it with a fresh new shower door. 

Walk-In Showers Are a More Accessible Choice

If you currently have the traditional bathtub shower combination popular in American homes, consider replacing it with a walk-in shower – especially if you plan to age in place. 

A bathroom remodeling company can design an appropriate bathroom for someone with mobility issues. For example, many walk-in showers are installed with heavy-duty grab bars and other safety features that will protect you in the event of a fall. 

And don’t worry – you don’t have to sacrifice style when you install an accessible walk-in shower. 

Walk-In Showers Are Ideal For Optimizing Space in Small Bathrooms

Often, little can be done to increase the size of a bathroom without making tremendous sacrifices. So, you might need to get creative to make it feel as if there’s more space.

Replacing a traditional tub with a walk-in shower stall is one way to increase your bathroom floor space. 

Are you having problems envisioning how to work with a bathroom with an unusual shape? Contact a bath remodeler and ask them to send out someone well-versed in bathroom design.

Walk-In Showers Can Increase Your Home Value

You’ll love the increased space walk-in showers provide. However, you’ll also love how your new bathroom will draw in potential buyers and increase the value of your home.

If you are planning a move, it’s worth noting that the return on investment – even on a midrange bath remodel – is 58.9 percent. 

A Custom-Made Walk-In Shower Reflects Your Bathroom’s Unique Needs

Are you ready to update your shower? Then, contact Woodbridge Shower & Bath. With our one-day bathroom remodeling services, we’ll update the function of your bathroom with a custom shower or bath and make it a space that you will be excited to share with your house guests.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many benefits of walk-in showers.
  • Walk-in showers are easy to clean (and keep clean).
  • They offer a much better shower experience for those with mobility challenges. 
  • A walk-in shower is a perfect solution for a smaller bathroom.
  • Homeowners get a great return on investment when they complete a mid range bathroom remodel. 

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