If it’s time to replace your icky, outdated shower or bath with a clean new alternative, consider the advice of interior designers. Here are some of the most popular master bathroom design trends in 2023.

Master Bathroom Trends in 2023

We love how the 2023 bathroom trends are all about maximizing practicality while giving the homeowner a relaxing space to decompress at the end of each day.

Here are some of our favorite master bath trends – no matter your personal style.

Sanctuary Bathrooms

spa bathroom

The bathroom as a sanctuary continues to be the most significant master bathroom trend. Imagine your bathroom with a spa setting with clean lines and warm tones. In addition, there’s an emphasis on attractive lighting and comfort – trends we hope to continue for years.

Twin Showerheads

master bathroom design trends

Instead of discussing modern bathroom tile trends (and whether or not subway tile is on its way out), we would like to discuss the outstanding practicability of twin showerheads.

As homeowners opt for larger enclosures, it only makes sense to utilize the entire space. And, of course, you will no longer need to wait for your partner to finish showering when you install dual shower heads in your primary bathroom.

Wet Room

wet room bathroom

A wet room is a bathroom with no enclosure or compartment separating the shower or tub from the rest of the room. In a wet room, all the walls and flooring are sealed against the water with one sloping drain on the bathroom floor.

Wet rooms are particularly effective in master bathrooms with small or awkward spaces. They are also sometimes used for those with handicaps and accessibility concerns.

Curved Lines

modern master bathroom

Curved lines have popped up in contemporary design for bathrooms and other rooms in the home. Whether the curved line appears in the tile pattern or mirror you choose for above your vanity is between you and your interior designer.


decorate bathroom with plants

Bathrooms make great natural environments for many types of plants. Even those without a green thumb may be able to keep one alive in this naturally moist environment.

High-Tech Showerheads

modern shower head

A stylish bathroom is great. However, we all know that the most critical feature of any master bathroom with a walk-in shower is its shower head.

Check out options for smart showers and modern shower heads. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite playlist as you unwind with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Some smart showers offer aromatherapy, light therapy, and other exciting options.


handicap accessible bathroom

As more homeowners decide to age in place, accessibility is becoming a growing trend in a master bathroom renovation. Talk with your contractor about all the options there are for walk-in showers. Consider a tub-to-shower conversion or a walk-in bathtub. And you don’t have to sacrifice your design ideas when creating an accessible bathroom. You can still make a luxurious bathroom design for older adults and those with mobility issues.

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