Enjoying a hot shower (with plenty of water pressure!) is a great way to start the day. One benefit of upgrading your walk-in shower (or completing a tub to shower conversion) is that you can upgrade to one of the best shower heads on the market.

If you haven’t shopped for a showerhead in the last ten years, you’ll be amazed by today’s tantalizing options. However, before selecting a shower head for your bathroom remodel, take some time to learn about the different types.

Types of Shower Heads for Walk In Showers

Here are the basic types of showerheads. However, each type may come with a lot of different options.

Standard wall mount shower head

wall mounted shower head

When thinking about a standard shower head, most people envision one mounted to the wall inside the walk-in shower enclosure. However, even the least expensive options typically offer some flexible features. For example, standard shower heads can be adjusted to various angles and spray types, including mist, massage, or heavy rain.

Top mount shower head

rain shower head

Top mount showerheads have increased in popularity. Top mount models are either installed directly into the ceiling or hang down from an extension arm that juts out from the wall.

The water from this showerhead style falls directly from above – giving you the feeling of standing inside a waterfall.

Handheld shower head

shower head with hose

Handheld showers are good choices for homeowners who want flexible bathing options for their walk-in shower. They can stay in their mount or be removed and used by hand.

Handheld shower heads help wash kids or pets and are sometimes the choice for those with mobility issues as it gives them more control over where to spray the water.

Sliding bar shower head

sliding shower head

The sliding bar shower head is another option for those needing flexible bathing options. A sliding bar shower head moves up and down a base, which is helpful for homes with both short and tall residents. Sliding bar heads may also make your walk-in shower safer for seniors. Sliding bar showerheads can be fixed or removable.

Shower panel systems

shower panel system

Homeowners seeking a luxury shower experience can purchase a customizable shower panel system for their homes. Such systems come with multiple spigots at a variety of heights and placements. In addition, the spigots can be customized by the output volume and type of spray.

Shower heads for walk in showers can also be enhanced by LED adjustable mood lighting. Of course, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to take a shower before without having a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Selecting the Best Shower Head for Your Walk In Shower

Not every shower head works for every situation. Before you become attached to the idea of installing a shower panel system in your home, you need to reach out to bathroom remodeling experts in your area for a quick consultation.

They will determine whether your existing plumbing and hot water supply can accommodate the shower system you want.

Your one day shower remodeling expert will also ask questions about your family (including your four-legged family members) to determine your showering needs. Finally, they will also look at the size and layout of your bathroom to see if the room can be reconfigured to hold your dream shower.

Let the Experts Install Your New Walk In Shower Head

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