Many of you have worked hard your entire lives, dedicating your time, energy, and money to your family, jobs, and communities. But you may be at the point of your life now when you realize that it’s time to spend some of your resources on yourself – like a shower with seat options and other bathroom renovations that will make life more comfortable.

Perhaps it’s time to update and upgrade your master bathroom to give it a spa-like atmosphere or make it more accessible. Here are some ways to create a luxurious shower experience in an average home. Let’s start by imagining adding a shower seat to your walk-in shower.

Types of Walk In Showers with Seats

Erase the image of your grandparent’s old rickety shower chair from your mind. In fact, if it’s still sitting in your basement, drag it out and donate it. Here are some modern ways to add a shower seat to your bathroom space.

Walk In Shower with a Built-in Bench

shower with a bench

It’s time to get rid of that small, outdated shower stall with the drippy shower head. Instead, reconfigure your bathroom to get the most of your limited space and install a new walk-in shower. Depending on the size of your bathroom and available floor space, you might be able to have a frameless shower enclosure requiring no shower door. Or you might opt for a beautiful tile shower wall with easy-to-clean glass doors.

Make sure you ask your contractor to add a built-in bench to your walk-in shower cost. It’s a luxurious addition that you may appreciate as you age.

Shower with Seat Attached to Grab Bars

walk in shower with seat

Another type of accessible shower has a seat that’s attached to grab bars on two or three sides. These removable seats can be placed at different heights, depending on your needs.

The advantage of having a seat that’s attached to grab bars is that it provides extra stability and support for elderly people who have balance issues. The added safety bars will help prevent slips and falls in the bathroom.

This type of shower is also perfect for people who have difficulty standing for long periods of time or who need assistance when bathing.

Portable Shower Stool

bath stool for shower

If you’re looking for a more temporary solution or you’re not ready to commit to a built-in shower seat, consider a portable shower stool. These stools are usually made of plastic and have non-slip legs.

They’re lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them with you when you travel. And they’re relatively inexpensive, so you can purchase several to keep in different bathrooms in your home.

Tub Shower Combo

shower tub combo

Have you considered the benefits of a tub to shower conversion? A shower tub combo is an excellent alternative for those wanting easy access to a shower and a built-in shower seat. In addition, this is the perfect choice for older adults who plan to age in place or people with mobility issues.

Costs of Walk In Showers with Seats

The cost of adding a shower seat to your bathroom will depend on the type of seat you choose and whether you’re adding it to an existing shower or building a new walk-in shower from scratch.

If you’re adding a seat to an existing shower, the cost will be lower than if you’re starting from scratch. That’s because you won’t have to pay for the cost of materials and labor to build a new roll-in shower.

The type of seat you choose will also affect the cost. A built-in bench will be more expensive than a portable shower stool, for example. But the built-in bench will also last longer and add more value to your home.

Benefits of a Shower with a Seat

There are many benefits to adding a walk-in shower seat to your bathroom, especially if you’re elderly or have mobility issues.

A shower seat will allow you to sit down while showering, which can be more comfortable than standing for long periods of time. And if you have balance issues, a shower seat will provide extra support and stability.

A shower seat can also make your bathroom more handicap accessible. This is especially helpful if you have difficulty getting in and out of the shower. And if you need assistance when bathing, a shower seat can make it easier for your caregiver to help you.

Adding a walk-in shower with a seat to your bathroom is a relatively simple way to make your life more comfortable and convenient. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many affordable options available to suit your needs and budget.

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