You probably already realize how beneficial walk-in showers for seniors can be for those with physical disabilities. After all, having a walk-in shower may enable you to age in place instead of having to move out of your beloved home.

We have all heard stories of seniors ending up on the bathroom floor due to a slip and fall, and you certainly don’t want that to happen to yourself or your loved one.

When faced with the decision on how to make their bathroom more accessible, most aging people narrow their choices down to two options: the walk-in shower or the walk-in tub. While both are excellent choices, we would like to advise you today on things to consider when getting a walk-in shower installed.

How much does a walk-in shower cost?

Prices for walk-in showers can range from $500 for a simple shower replacement to thousands of dollars for a larger walk-in shower that requires extensive remodeling.

Will Medicare help pay for a walk-in shower?

Medicare will help pay for medically necessary durable medical equipment prescribed by a doctor. However, the guidelines also say that the medical equipment prescribed cannot be used by someone who does not have mobility issues.

With that said, it would be best if you didn’t count on Medicare reimbursing you for the professional installation of your walk-in shower. Most walk-in showers for seniors would be used by multiple people, so you need to be prepared to pay for your walk-in shower’s cost.

What are the best walk-in showers for seniors?

There are two basic walk-in shower ideas for aging adults and those with mobility issues. The best walk-in shower for you depends on your budget and floor space.

Replacement Showers

Some choose replacement showers, which means you would get a brand-new shower enclosure that requires no more than one step to get in the shower. These custom walk-in shower designs can be equipped with beautiful glass panels or glass shower doors, but at the same time, they can meet your accessibility requirements and include a roll-in shower chair.

Tub to Shower Conversions

Others choose tub to shower conversions, which is typically less disruptive and more reasonably priced. Using the same floor space as your soaking tub or your existing shower, a walk-in shower conversion is perfect for elderly people with small bathrooms as your walk-in shower uses the existing space already taken up by your tub.

Showers with Safety Features

Both walk-in shower options can be stylish even though they include safety features. You don’t have to give up having an attractive glass door, glass blocks, rainfall showerhead, or fashionable shower walls made of natural stone. Visitors to your master bath will only see a spacious walk-in shower. They won’t even notice the grab bars, non-slip shower floor, or shower seat that makes the shower experience perfect for someone with mobility issues.

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