What kind of master bath do you desire? Are you the type of person who sees a bathroom space as a functional area that you use at the beginning and end of each day? Or are you seeking a bathroom design with a spa-like setting – full of marble or other natural stone, luxury body sprays, and thick Turkish towels?

If you prefer a more luxurious bathroom experience in your home, you might consider installing rain shower heads in your master bathroom.

Before you remove your current shower head designed to spray in different directions, let’s discuss whether a rainfall shower head is a suitable option for you.

What is a rain shower head?

Most shower heads are designed to point at an angle. However, rain shower heads are designed to fully cover your body in a stream of water that feels like heavy rainfall. They are typically ceiling-mounted and point straight down to the floor or shower pan. A rain head ranges from 6 to 12 inches wide.

Why should I install a rain head in my walk in shower?

If you have to ask this question, perhaps you need to stick with your regular shower. Most view this type of shower head as a luxury item. Unlike a standard shower head or hand shower, you’ll receive a wider spray of hot water, which most people would enjoy. Additionally, those with long hair appreciate a broader, more powerful shower head because it makes rinsing easier.

Is a rain shower head right for my bathroom?

You may love the idea of creating a perfect shower and tub for your bathroom. However, you might need to do a bit of one day bathroom remodeling to make a rain shower head work for you.

Large shower pans are required.

Unfortunately, rain shower heads don’t typically work for small bathrooms. In fact, you may regret installing one if you have a small shower space, as water will inevitably end up on your floors and walls.

Additionally, your shower floor needs to be large enough so the user can escape from the pouring water if necessary. After all, you don’t want to be stuck under a full blast of cold water if your family used up all the warm water in previous showers. You also need to have room to apply shampoo to your hair that is out of the direct stream of water.

Typically, in most cases, this type of luxury shower head is used for a doorless shower – although some are enclosed with glass doors.

If remodeling is not an option to expand your shower walls, you might have to settle for a regular one with good pressure.

Your shower panel needs to be the perfect height.

Consider the height of the tallest person using your walk in shower. You should plan at least a foot of clearance so that the rain has some distance to fall.

Consider additional costs of plumbing the new fixtures.

Yes, there are wall-mounted versions, which allow you to use the existing vertical pipe behind your wall to place a shower arm with a 90-degree angle so that the fixture can still be completely flat above the user. However, they are typically designed to come from the ceilings of walk in showers. Regardless, knowledge of plumbing will be required for the installation.

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