Unfortunately, some seniors and older adults are forced to move to an assisted living facility because they suffer an injury or illness that leaves them unable to access the bathroom in their homes.

Since you can’t predict when these injuries or illnesses might happen, it’s wise to plan for such an emergency by making your bathroom more accessible now. Many of these preparations are simple and low cost, such as using a nonslip mat and placing essential items within easy reach. However, your accessibility project may also include more complicated tasks like widening the bathroom door to be wide enough for a wheelchair or replacing slippery surfaces to prevent falls.

Of course, one of the most critical accommodations that you need to make for senior bathroom safety is to install a walk-in tub or walk-in shower as well as installing grab bars. Having an appropriate and safe place to bathe is crucial for aging in place. So let’s discuss these necessary modifications that you might want to consider installing before a fall or injury occurs.

Walk-In Tubs

accessible bathtub with door

Walk-in tubs are designed for seniors or those with physical difficulties that prohibit them from standing while bathing. They replace your existing tub and give the elderly individual a place to sit and soak.

Walk-in bathtubs are senior-friendly. They have a built-in seat, a detachable showerhead, and support bars. They make the bathing experience as spa-like as possible, as they often have jets, colored lights, and other features.

An accessible bathtub prevents bathroom falls. Unlike using shower chairs, utilizing walk-in bathtubs keeps all of the water in the tub–making your bathroom safer for seniors.

Walk-In Showers

walk in shower accessible

If your elderly parents have strong enough legs to hold their body weight, they may utilize a curbless shower area. Sometimes this option requires a larger than average bathroom, but space limitations may not be an issue for a tub to shower conversion. Regardless, removing the step into the shower will certainly reduce the risk of your loved one falling.

Grab Bars

accessible bathtub safety bars

The installation of grab bars is essential to prevent falling. However, these bars must be properly installed to keep the bathroom safe. Grab bars will prevent a fall in or near the shower.

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Please don’t trust any one-day bathroom remodeler to make your bathtub area safe for seniors. Instead, rely on a company that specializes in senior care.

Many seniors and their families have turned to Woodbridge Shower and Bath to improve the safety of this essential room. So when you are ready to discuss the available options for your accessible bathtub, you can rely on Woodbridge Shower and Bath.

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