If you are teetering on whether or not to get rid of your traditional bathtub, allow us to help you decide. Here are the benefits of a bathtub to walk-in shower conversion. Walk-in showers are gaining in popularity. We are sure that you won’t miss your traditional tub.

Reasons to Complete a Bath to Walk-In Shower Conversion:

  • Walk-in showers are safer than traditional bathtubs.
  • Walk-in showers are better for those with limited mobility and for seniors who wish to age in place.
  • Modern walk-in showers are easy to keep clean.
  • Walk-in showers can be customized as big or small as you wish.
  • Your bathroom will look cleaner and more modern when you install a walk-in shower.

5 Benefits of Bathtub to Walk-In Shower Conversions

Let’s ensure we are on the same page before describing the benefits of walk-in showers. This article will list the benefits of removing your traditional tub and replacing it with a fresh, clean shower surround in the same space. The shower surround can be the same size as the tub it replaces – or smaller.

Now, here are the benefits of completing this project.

Walk-in showers are safer than traditional tubs.

A traditional tub is meant for bathing or relaxation. However, how many of you sit and bathe in your tub as a part of your daily routine?

Instead, many of you step over the threshold of your tub to take a shower. Unfortunately, the slippery curved floor of a tub is hazardous for standing. These factors (and the wet floor caused by the dripping shower curtain or swing open shower door) cause dangerous conditions.

To reduce the risk of falling, install a walk-in shower with a non-slip surface.

walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are easier to access for seniors and those with limited mobility.

Aging adults and people with mobility issues need a safe place to bathe. One benefit of a walk-in shower is that it has a low threshold. So, if you are concerned about the safety of older adults who would be showering in your home, reduce the risk of slip and falls by replacing your tub/shower combination with a walk-in shower – perhaps with a built-in seat and hand-held shower head.

(On a side note, a walk-in bathtub is another obvious choice for a loved one with mobility issues who prefers a soak in a tub instead of a shower. Walk-in bath tubs have safety features, including grab bars and temperature gauges to prevent scalding.)

Your new shower will be easy to keep clean.

Modern walk-in showers are typically easier to keep clean than old-fashioned bathtubs. Today’s shower surrounds and doors are made with antimicrobial surfaces that are easier to keep clean than old tubs. You’ll love the feel of your new clean space when you complete your bathroom remodel.

A walk-in shower is a perfect solution for small bathrooms.

Has your bathroom always felt crowded with a full-sized tub? One of the other benefits of a walk-in shower is that you’ll have more room once the bulky tub is eliminated. It’s worth noting that you can purchase your shower surround in several different sizes.

modern shower

Installing a walk-in shower will modernize your space.

How do you feel when you walk into your current master bathroom? Do you feel like it is a relaxing sanctuary, or do you cringe when viewing the outdated, icky fixtures? If it’s time for a bathroom remodel anyway, why not use the opportunity to create a more modern-looking, safer space?

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