Those in the shower and bath business must stay current on outdated bathroom trends. After all, some homeowners update their master bathroom design to prepare for a sale, so they need to be aware of the popular trends that potential buyers expect.

Here’s the information we have learned about current bathroom design from interior design blogs and real estate agents.

Subway Tiles Are On The Way Out

We didn’t think it would happen, but it seems as if designers have grown tiresome of subway tiles as bathroom tiles. However, before you rethink your bathroom remodel, consider how you could tweak this style. For example, look at textured or beveled tile – or subway tile made of marble.

Glass Block Windows Are No More

Glass blocks have become dated. We are sad to see this style go since they make a small bathroom feel larger by letting in more light –while still providing the necessary privacy. We hope we see the trend return in a few years, but it signifies an outdated design for now.

Jetted Tubs Are Still In – But Not In the Way You Think

Bathing culture is all the rage, as you still see artful photos on Instagram with a fluffy bath towel and glass of wine with the hashtag “me-time.” However, the tub featured in the background may not look the same as it did ten years ago. The freestanding tub is the tub of choice. However, those freestanding tubs require lots of free bathroom space.

While we aren’t seeing as much of the old-style jetted tubs – we are helping those with physical limitations enjoy a luxurious hot soak. Installing walk-in tubs has become increasingly popular as older adults prepare to age in place.

What About Sinks?

When was the last time you and your partner had to use a sink simultaneously? Double sinks aren’t necessary; they take up valuable counter space that could hold your hair dryer and products.

bathroom trends to avoid

Floating sinks had a brief interlude in bathroom design. However, these sinks also left you no place to store your toiletries.

By the way, don’t feel bad if you never upgraded to granite countertops in your master bathroom, as other materials are gaining popularity.

Neutral Luxury Is In – Get Rid of Everything Else

Neutral palettes continue to be popular for home buyers, so consider neutral colors and airy designs when selecting bathroom fixtures and paint. Limit decor that clutters your space and instead focuses on luxury towels and rugs. Your bathroom is the last stop you take at night before bed, so creating a peaceful space that promotes rest and tranquility makes sense. In fact, let those words act as an inspiration as you consider decor in all of the bathrooms in your house.

Key Takeaways

  • Do you plan to sell your home in the near future? Learn about outdated bathroom trends to avoid.
  • Luxury bathing is in! Whether you opt for an oversized tub or walk in tub is up to you.
  • Think about neutral colors and luxurious products when selecting bathroom decor.

Bathroom Design Problems? Let Woodbridge Shower and Bath Help

We could write more about bathroom trends and home decor. For example, we could show you images of oversized tubs or ideas on how to use high-contrast tiles in a modern way. However, we know that some of you are faced with limited bathroom space, and you need help reconfiguring the room to fit a walk-in tub or walk-in shower.

Let Woodbridge Shower and Bath help you update your room – whether you plan to sell or stay. We will advise you on bathroom trends to avoid while keeping your unique needs in mind.

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